The ADM Series AirData Multimeters
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ADM-880C - Shortridge Instruments - Air Data Multimeter



The ADM series AirData Multimeters are used as hand-held portable meters for air velocity, pressure, and temperature measurement.

These meters may also be used to obtain direct air flow readings with an 8400 FlowHood Kit. Any meter can be upgraded to a model with greater capabilities whenever needed.

All of the ADM series AirData Multimeter Kits may be purchased with or without an 8400 FlowHood kit.




MODELS - ADM SERIES Multimeters 


The Model ADM-880C AirData Multimeter stores 2000 readings, along with the time and date, in up to 25 memory groups.
The Model ADM-870C AirData Multimeter provides maximum capability for the most demanding air balance requirements.
The ADM-870C and ADM-860C AirData Multimeters include an RS232 communication port, which allows serial output to a printer or computer.
The Model ADM-850L is a simplified version of the AirData Multimeter.


ADM SERIES Multimeter Kit




It is suggested that the AirData Multimeter be returned to the factory at least every two years for recalibration, maintenance, and software update.

This will keep the meter up to date with ongoing improvements and new features as they develop.

It will also assure that the original accuracy of the meter is maintained throughout the life of the meter.



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