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Shortridge Instruments, Inc.

AirData Multimeter Series


ADM 880C Multimeter

Model ADM-880C AirData Multimeter stores 2000 readings, along with the time and date, in up to 25 memory groups. more

ADM 870C Multimeter

Model ADM-870C AirData Multimeter provides maximum capability for the most demanding air balance requirements. more

ADM 860C Multimeter

Model ADM-860C AirData Multimeters includes an RS232 communication port, which allows serial output to a printer or computer. more

ADM 850L Multimeter

Model ADM-850L is an economical precision multimeter which offers unequaled accuracy and flexibility in a simplified model, at a reduced cost. more


ADM Multimeter Kit

ADM DataFlow Software

ADM DataFlow Software from Shortridge Instruments, Inc.

The serial communications port allows the user to download readings directly to a printer or computer using the "Shortridge ADM DataFlow Software"
and the serial communications cable that is included with the meter.

The download format is CSV (Comma Separated Values) and may be automatically inserted into a spreadsheet such as Microsoft Excel.


Instruction Sheets
RS232 Download using Shortridge "ADM DataFlow Software"
Instructions on how to use the Operating Systems, Install DataFlow, Use DataFlow, and Import Saved Data to a Spreadsheet.

Sample Report
DataFlow Excel Report