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Shortridge Instruments, Inc.

Repairs for AirData Multimeters, FlowHoods, and Accessories

The Shortridge Instruments, Inc. Calibration Program complies with ANSI/NCSL Z540-1, ISO 17025, and MIL-STD 45662A. If an apparent problem develops with theAirData Multimeter, FlowHood,or Acessories:

Begin The Repair Process

  1. Contact the factory
  2. Specify the model number
  3. Give a detailed description of the problem

*Remember to Contact the Factory BEFORE Shipping

Repair Charges

If the unit is no longer under warranty, regular repair charges will apply. An estimate of the cost will be furnished before repairs begin, unless the customer specifies otherwise.

Evaluation Fee

Important Note:
If a meter is over 20 years old, and has not been returned to Shortridge Instruments, Inc. for service during the past two years, an evaluation fee of $100.00 will be required if the customer chooses to NOT have the meter repaired and recalibrated, OR if it is determined that the meter cannot be repaired.

If the meter is recalibrated/repaired, the evaluation fee will be waived, or if prepaid, applied to the cost of the recalibration.

The meter over 20 years old may be traded-in on a new meter at a 10% discount, and the evaluation fee will also be waived.

Shipping Your Unit for Repair

  1. The complete meter kit, and all accessories should be returned to the factory for repairs and recalibration.

  2. Return the unit (in the original carton and packing) to the factory, transportation prepaid.

  3. The Repair Purchase Order and description of the problem should be enclosed in a packing slip on the outside of the shipping container.


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Calibration and Repair Department


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HydroData Multimeters

Packaging and Shipping of Units

Please Ship
The HydroData Meter only

*Please Do Not Ship*

The HydroData Multimeter Valve Network Panel

The HydroData Multimeter Carrying Case

Any other HydroData Accessories

Repairs - Meter Only


If just the meter must be returned for repairs:

  1. The meter should be shipped in a carton approx 12"x12"x8"
  2. Carefully wrap the meter in several layers of foam padding
  3. Add sufficient additional cushioning to fill the carton
  4. Do not use spray foam.
    Spray foam can damage the meter, and it is also possible to "lose" a meter in a chunk of spray foam.


Our facility is not equipped to accept any package weighing in excess of 100 lbs.

Any delivery in excess of 100 lbs will be rejected.

Any freight delivery in excess of 70 lbs must arrive on a truck equipped with a lift gate and a pallet jack.


It is suggested that each AirData Multimeter, or HydroData Multimeter, be returned to the factory at least every two years for recalibration, maintenance, and software updates.

This will keep every meter up-to-date with ongoing improvements and new features as they are developed; and most importantly, continued maintenance will assure that each meter's original accuracy is maintained throughout the lifetime of that meter.

IMPORTANT: We do not calibrate instruments from other companies.


Turn-around time is about two weeks.

Rush handling is available for an additional charge. If you require RUSH HANDLING, please provide a completed Purchase Order that allows an option for repair time, and specifies that you need EXPEDITED handling.

If you wish to request RUSH Calibration Services, please contact Sales at 480-991-6744 before shipping the meter to Shortridge Instruments, Inc., so that this cost may be added to your Purchase Order prior to shipment.

An EXPEDITED CALIBRATION of less than two weeks may result in an additional fee.