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Shortridge Instruments, Inc.

Product Specifications

HydroData MultiMeter HDM-250


DIFFERENTIAL and GAUGE PRESSURE - WATER OR AIR: Accuracy is ±2% of reading ± last digit from 0.1 to 250psi.td>
TEMPERATURE: ±0.5℉ accuracy from 32℉ to 158℉. Safe range is -100℉ to +250℉.
RESOLUTION Resolution is 0.1° measured in degrees Fahrenheit (℉) or degrees Celsius (℃) using the optional Series ADT400 TemProbe Sensors or MT-440K AirData MultiTemp.
AMBIENT RANGE: Full range compensation from 40℉ to 140℉.
POSITION SENSITIVITY: Unaffected by position.
MEMORY: 200 readings, sequence labeled, sum, average, minimum and maximum.
CALIBRATION: Each meter certified, NIST traceable.
READOUT: 8 digit, 0.5", high contrast, liquid crystal display.
RESPONSE TIME: Two to four seconds standard and up to eight seconds per reading in "SLOW" mode.
METER: Dimensions 6.0" x 6.4" x 2.7" high impact ABS. Meter weight 2.2 lbs. Meter and valve panel weight 5.2 lbs. Standard kit shipping weight 21 lbs (9.5 kg); dimensions 19" x 15" x 6" (48 x 38 x 15 cm).
CONNECTIONS: Meter; two quick disconnect fittings, 1/8" chrome plated brass. Valve Network Panel; two 1/4" 45° male flare fittings for pressure hoses.
BATTERY LIFE: 3000 readings per charge, 500 recharge cycles.