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Shortridge Instruments, Inc.

FlowHood Maintenance

Caring for The Grid

  • The flow sensing grid in the FlowHood unit is high impact ABS plastic. It can be damaged if subjected to physical abuse or excessive stress.
  • Accurate air flow measurements are dependent on the integrity of this grid -
    And even a hairline crack will affect the results.
  • The grid should not be exposed to temperatures in excess of 140°F for extended periods, or 160°F for five minutes.
  • Do not lay anything on the grid or interfere with the tension of the support springs.
  • Check the flow sensing grid periodically for damage, poor connections to the meter, or an accumulation of dirt or dust particles.
  • The grid may be cleaned by wiping carefully with alcohol.
  • Care must be taken to avoid knocking dirt or dust particles into the grid orifices.

Caring for The Top Support Assembly

  • The top support assembly (the aluminum rod structure that supports the cloth skirt and frame assembly) should be stored folded.
  • The ends of each pair of legs should be inserted into the top and middle holes of the two front base corner tubes.
  • The head of the assembly should be toward the back of the base assembly.
  • The four spring rods should be positioned downward to avoid applying pressure to the flow sensing grid.

Caring for Fabric Tops

  • Reasonable care will prolong the life of the fabric tops.
  • Sharp objects or building corners can puncture the fabric and affect the accuracy of the readings.

  • Wash FlowHood Tops periodically in cool water with a mild detergent to prevent excessive dirt build up.
  • Air Dry ONLY - Heat cause the fabric to shrink.

Factory Maintenance and Software Updates

It is suggested that instrumentation be returned to the factory at least every two years for recalibration, maintenance, and software update. Following this suggestion will keep the meter up to date with upgrades and new features. Recalibration every two years will also assure that the original accuracy of the meter is maintained throughout the life of the meter.